UCLA Grab The Sporting Spotlight Again…

UCLA have proved themselves dedicated contributors to sport yet again; this time by a video interview with Dawn Harper as she prepares for the 2012 London Olympics…

Staying topical with the upcoming Olympics, UCLA Bruins have shown off their sporting alumni once again by interviewing Olympic Gold Medalist and Bruin Alumni, Dawn Harper.

Harper tells Bruin reporter Ralph Irvin about her triumph at the Olympic trials, as well as the ongoing support she receives as a past student of UCLA Bruins. She happily recounts her time as a student, adding that she loves being able to return repeatedly for training.

Dawn Harper is a great spokesperson for this sport-enthused university. All higher education institutes understand the importance of maintaining strong links with past alumni. But when a past student excels in their field, UCLA Bruins have shown how best to promote their success; video.

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