UCAS Clearing Made Easier By UWE Bristol

Applying to University is remembered by most students as one of the most stressful aspects of Higher Education, so the process of Clearing can be incredibly daunting. The University of West England’s latest video tries to help…

Ten Top Tips for Dealing With UCAS Clearing ’ aims to calm any worries students may have with top advice from students at UWE in Bristol.

With tips that will help prospective students get the best out of their options, this video uses bright and engaging animation by UWE MA animation graduate David Hutchinson. These clever visuals are combined with clear, encouraging voice-overs and a simple music backing track. The result is a video which avoids being too daunting or serious, opting instead for a light-hearted yet helpful vibe.

Better than typical University or UCAS FAQ pages, this video is undoubtedly going to be a hit with worried students everywhere who are loathe to sit and trawl through lengthy pages of advice. Whilst help videos about applying to University aren’t uncommon, most tend to be overwhelming with too much information; UWE have managed to keep things simple and stylish – definitely a style of video worth replicating…

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