Pass The Peace…

CAFOD have flooded YouTube with ‘Pass It On’ videos recently, but for those who haven’t quite understood why, this is for you:

CAFOD (the Official Catholic Aid Agency for England and Wales) have released a video showing how people can get involved with their Peace Campaign. By ‘passing it on’ CAFOD suggest that supporters everywhere can share their message of peace with people around the world.

All they ask is that you film yourself moving left to right…and then share a little written note of what peace means to you. So far, videos have appeared of people cartwheeling and leap-frogging but there are no limits; CATHOD are undoubtedly eagerly awaiting some inventive videos…

With this basic ‘how to’ video using animation with primary colours, CATHOD are unmistakably going for a fun and friendly vibe that people will want to get involved with. And judging by YouTube, so far it’s a hit…

About the Author:

Stephanie Allen is one of Skeleton Productions Intern Copywriters.

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