Nurses Show Their Wild Side Courtesy Of UNC School Of Medicine…

Nurses at UNC are being given the opportunity to reveal their unexpected passions in the video series ‘Real Nurses’…

Barbara Riff works at the Inpatient Oncology department at North Carolina Cancer Hospital. As part of UNC Health Care, she noticed the poor parking facilities and came up with a solution; a motorbike.

Realising that she could park a lot easier on campus with a motorbike and no longer had to worry about missing the bus, Barbara suddenly began to love her ride to work. She tells the camera that she came to love it so much that she now goes on joyrides and camping trips across the US in her spare time…but she’s careful to mention the risks.

Perhaps ‘motorbike’ isn’t the first thought that pops into your head when you think ‘nurse’, but UNC are doing their best to show you the real person behind the uniform. Combining interesting and sometimes unexpected personal tales with warnings and serious messages, UNC are careful to lighten the mood with upbeat music and professional graphics.

The idea behind these videos is a triumph not only to the Health centre but also to the nurses they represent…

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