Just For Laughs: McMaster University Release A Cheer Tutorial Video

With new students arriving after the summer, McMaster University have identified a key skill they must master, leaving it to their current students to explain…

In an embarrassingly funny video, McMaster University students take just under four minutes to teach prospective students their main cheer, used at football games, group parties and orientation milestones.

Cheering is a long standing tradition at the University’s Welcome Week and the students seem keen that the basics are grasped. Lining volunteers up in a shopping centre and their campus, students are taught in military style how to seem enthusiastic and ‘rowdy’ in their chants.

Although the initial filming quality of the video could be better, it does improve and you are left watching a light-hearted video that was undoubtedly as fun for the students involved as it will be for prospective students to watch. However if you’re not a fan of cringe-worthy video, it’s probably not for you!

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