De Montfort University: To Film Or Not To Film…?

Video is the chosen platform for an excited De Montfort University to remember their visit to Japan with Shakespeare’s First Folio…

Shakespeare is known to be a famous and respected playwright worldwide, something De Montfort University’s latest video proves. Excited about taking both Shakespeare’s First Folio and a Sherlock Holmes manuscript to Japan to build on their international partnerships, the University turned to video to capture the buzz …

Far from your usual informational video, (which can all too often verge on the dreary side), De Montfort have been eager to reflect their enthusiasm through an equally passionate production. Using inspirational music, interviews with motivated staff members and professional cutting and editing, this video captures perfectly the drama of the trip; something Shakespeare himself might even approve of..

About the Author:

Stephanie Allen is one of Skeleton Productions Intern Copywriters.

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