Concern Worldwide’s ‘RAIN Project’ Video Is No Soggy Shower…

The ‘RAIN project’ video in Zambia takes a mere minute to explain Concern Worldwide’s work; leaving the viewer wanting more…

Campaign videos tend to be rather lengthy, and although they’re for a good cause they all too often lose viewers attention. But Concern Worldwide have realised that they can easily get the basics of their message across in just over a minute, leaving their viewers knowledgeable but intrigued enough to want more…

Focusing on their RAIN Project in Zambia which looks at solving the problem of stunted growth in the world’s poorest countries, the video carefully includes the crucial key points that lie behind the charity’s work whilst omitting any waffle. Various individuals are shown on screen whilst a witty voiceover briefly summarises what they could be explaining – if only the video wasn’t pushed for time.

Obviously cleverly planned, the video includes enough information to leave the viewer with an overall gist of their campaign. Yet Concern Worldwide don’t stop there. Aware that they have skimmed over certain aspects, they are careful to direct viewers to their website in the hope that they will learn more before donating to support their cause.

Fast-paced, emotive and engaging, this video is a perfect example of how a charity can showcase their work overseas whilst simultaneously intriguing viewers; leaving them wondering what those people might have said if they had the time…

It’s refreshing, and it’s for a good cause; what’s not to love?

About the Author:

Stephanie Allen is one of Skeleton Productions Intern Copywriters.

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