Advance Showing Of The Talent Of The Freefall Dance Company

Mencap’s latest video exhibits the talent of the Freefall Dance Company in advance of their screening at the Olympic and Paralympic Games…

Mencap, who call themselves ‘The Voice of Learning Disability’, are running a festival called We Dance which aims to involve people with disabilities in the Cultural Olympiad. As part of this, Freefall Dance Company have released an advance showing of what viewers can expect from a series of films being shown on the BBC Big Screen throughout the sporting games this summer.

As one of the ‘Dance For Camera’ films, this video is also produced by a group of filmmakers with learning disabilities. With only the music for the dancers as sound, the video has been kept simple. The result is a production that is both stylish and modern, using only a black and white colour scheme to create a suitably arty feel.

With spirits high about the upcoming Games, this video by Mencap will not only raise awareness about their We Dance Festival but will simultaneously stir up excitement and interest about their appearance on the Big Screen…

About the Author:

Stephanie Allen is one of Skeleton Productions Intern Copywriters.

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